Real-Time Monitoring

7 Days Autonomy

Real-Time Alert


  • Screens functional parameters 24/7; Pulse, Stress, Temperature, Arrhythmia, Oximetry, Arteries Aging, Blood Pressure, The Fall
  • Battery life: 7 days Autonomy
  • Simple touch screen interface
  • Alerts to the closest friends and/or family with Geolocation capabilities
  • Access to cellphone dashboard to view and download daily, weekly, and monthly all functional parameters activity

pOpmètre® Axelife's first innovation before iHeartWatch®

pOpmètre® is a Class IIa Medical Device that measures the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) which is the best surrogate of the arterial aging.
This is The Early Vascular Aging (EVA), or the Arteriosclerosis Diagnosis.
pOpmètre® is CE marked EN ISO 13485 certified.
You get a result within 20 seconds.

Talk about pOpmètre to your doctor: Arterial Stiffness for the Beginners


Ready.... GO

Rich with its expertise in medical device development, Axelife SAS intensify its presence in the field of the cardiovascular prevention devices with iHeartWatch®