Who is Axelife SAS?

Axelife SAS is a French Innovative MedTech  established in 2010 as a scientific notoriety and expert in medical prevention devices.

Axelife SAS is member of Atlanpole-Biotherapie and Captronic clusters oriented biotech and electronics. Laureate and nominated to innovative electronic and Silver economy awards Charlefois. pOpmètre is a class IIa diagnosis non invasive medical device used in Hospitals and private clinics.

Rich with its medical device experience, Axelife SAS created iHeartWatch® an easy to use preventive device that is laureat of the French-Tech iOT La poste in 2016 which is a new innovative connected product.

iHeartWatch® detects the earliest intense state of stress which triggers alerts according to the gravity and sends necessary help with its geolocation capabilities

Meet the Team

The founder is Doctor Magid HALLAB, worked for 5 consecutive years in the department of internal medicine in Angers-France, oriented in vascular risk factors, and early worked on arterial stiffness. Numerous publications including a BMJ, Diabetes, Arch mal coeur.

Initiator and pOpmètre® project leader supported by other colleagues. Scientific experience in the technical phases of validation and test campaign were conducted with pOpmètre® for preliminary scientific validation of the measurement of the arterial stiffness.

Reina Hallab

PR, Marketing & Business Development

Passionately driven, Reina is proudly living the eco-business-entrepreneur lifestyle she has always thrived for.
Reina, being a highly effective marketing professional with extensive experience in IT, Electronics, Energy, Aerospace and Food and Beverage industries in North America and the Middle East. Successfully worked with world class IT market leaders, SMB and start up clients in the corporate and retail segments.

Ready.... GO

Rich with its expertise in medical device, Axelife intensify her presence in the field of the cardiovascular prevention devices with iHeartWatch®